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“Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.”​


This quote sums up how I feel about nutrition and the role it plays in our health.

Hi I'm Misaki,

I am a plant besed nutritionist trained in Germany.

If you are looking for help and support to improve your diet by optimizing nutrition balance,

Please contact me!

What will your  nutrition counseling be like?



One-hour session 

In the 1:1 Nutririon counseling session we work on the complete assessment of your health,eating habits and preferences along with your current lifestyle.

in order to outline your specific personal goals.

We will look at your 7day photo food journal, learn the foods you like and dislike, and start working on a nutrition plan that suits your needs.

We don't count calories here, but 

focus on the categories and the colors of food to check for potential nutritional deficiencies.

I will assess your current diet and provide you with information and guidance.

This way you can have a grasp on balanced meal to get closer to your ideal self.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, manage a new health condition, resolve digestive discomfort or create new way of eating, I work with you to provide practical, strategic advice and accountability.

Dietary Assessment (60min)    50EUR

If you seek a longer term support,

see “More” .



Half-hour session 



If you feel overwhelmed to visit one hour counseling with 7days food journal,try this different form of counseling.

In this half hour session detailed information about all foods,beverages and dietary supplements you consumed

will be questioned.

Please be aware of those questions.

・What did you consume in past 24hours ?

・What time time did you have them?

・How big was the portion size of each food?

・What time did you wake up? 

・How did your appetite level change throughout a day?

These informations will help you identify current nutritional issues, needs and goals.

I will assess your diet and provide you with guidance.

At the end of the session we will discuss ways to optimize your diet,meet your goals, and plan future steps.

Dietary Assessment (30min)    40EUR

Your Healthy  Eating Journey Starts from here!

Since I learned how to balance my nutritional needs with adding 

variety of whole food in my diet.

My blood pressure dropped to 130.

Why do I crave for black beans?

My taste buds should have changed dramatically.

I had no idea that my joint pain was so affected by food until I change my diet for weeks.

Cheese was the only thing I couldn't imagine giving up, but...

Now I know there are many delicious substitutes!

It did not take long for my cholesterol levels to be normalized.

After 3 month I was convinced that many diseases could be prevented.

Interestingly enough my neighbor thought I was my daughter.

That is how much weight I lost!

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