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Leaf Pattern Design

Making Plant-based Eating Accessible


-Personalized Cooking Classes.

40EUR   120mins (Private) 
60EUR   120mins (Group of 2) 

75EUR   120mins (Group of 3) 
80EUR   120mins (Group of 4)
120mins (Group of 5) 


Develop new ideas while learning how to incorporate more plant based food.

You can book my cooking workshop privately.

Please select 2hours from 12:00-20:00 (Mo-Sa)

Location:10555 (Moabit) 

-Weekend Special Group Workshops.

First come, first served.

Each course size: up to 5 people.

Please click the link to see the event details.​

Applications can only be made on Meetup.

Location:depends on the event.Mostly in Moabit.

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